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About Productivity Management.net

This website is not like any other time management blog. The brutal honesty is that with this site I hope to reach out to you and get you to start using time management.


Just a few years back my life looked a lot different, I felt there just weren’t enough hours in each day. I felt rushed and had stress on a daily basis. I learned about time management and first encountered the Getting Things Done methodology. Gradually I learned the ropes of time management. I gathered more and more information about time management, piece by piece. Learning about and implementing time management has improved my life drastically. So I searched the web and bookstores for all the best there is about time management. And that takes time, a lot of time.

As such, I started this blog, to share my knowledge on the subject of time management. And, hopefully, so that you can improve your life just as I did. I have selected the best pieces of information and content and written short and actionable articles about them, for you to use.

Besides the blog I offer various eBooks. Why eBooks? Well, time management courses take a lot of time and are very pricy. I wanted to give people a way to learn about time management without committing. An eBook is cheaper to buy and you can read it whenever you want. Best of all, you can do with the knowledge however you seem fit. Some parts you might like, others you might not like. Whereas with a consultation, the consultant has his or her way of teaching and you are stuck with that person and their time management methodology.

With this blog and it’s content I hope to give you an alternative to an otherwise tough subject to learn.

Please, look around and shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or comments about my articles or products.

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