Tip of the Day #5: Thought intensive in the AM, labor intensive in the PM

Have you ever had a day in which you made a good to-do list, with a couple of important tasks, only to find that at the end of the day, you managed to do everything, except these important tasks? Off course you have.

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The Ultimate To-Do list

To-do lists are great, but how much tasks should be on them? Is there some sort of magic number when it comes to productivity and effectiveness? Don’t put too much tasks on your to-do list, as you are more likely to fail. This article is all about how to build the ultimate to-do list.

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Tip of the Day #4: Handling email

You arrive at the office, only to see your inbox overflowing with all kinds of emails. How are you ever going to plow through your email and get to those daunting tasks tasks that really need to be done today?

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Never forget a task again, start using a Tickler File

Are you organized and well-prepared? Do you love working with many folders and subfolders in Outlook? But you don’t have any fancy tools at home? . Enter, the Tickler File.

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TIP OF THE DAY – #3: Work in time blocks

You overslept. It’s monday morning. Traffic is horrible. The coffee machine in the office is broken. Your email inbox is cluttered. Sounds familiar? How are you going to get through this day and get your most important things done? Here is how: start working in time blocks.

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Pareto Principle – The Law of Imbalance

The Pareto Principle is known by many names, like the “Law of Imbalance” or the 80/20 rule. The principle can be used for almost anything in our lives. You must be wondering what this so called Law of Imbalance is all about.

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TIP OF THE DAY – #2: Gathering Your To-Do’s

If you want to clear your mind, start by gathering all actionable items. Meaning all to-do’s that require action from you, now or later.

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Time Management Methods – There Is No Time Like Now!

There is no time like the present. So let’s get started! This blog post will give a brief overview of the different time management systems available.

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Tip of the Day – #1: Small To-Do, Big Weight

To-do lists can become cluttered with all sorts of small, easy to-do’s. Always finish these tasks first, as they can put pressure on you and you will feel overwhelmed eventually.

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