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How to stay focussed and meet deadlines

5 Killer Tips to Stay Focused and Meet Your Deadlines

This is a guest article by Benjamin Brandall. Benjamin Brandall is a content marketer at Process Street, where he writes on startups, SaaS, and workflows. In his spare time, he runs Secret Cave, a blog about obscure entertainment and internet culture. Working remotely is a minefield of distraction and wasted time. Unlike an office environment […]

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How Office Politics Can Ruin Your Productivity

When you have worked for a large, bureaucratic organization you know how damaging office politics can be. Not only are they nasty and utterly unnecessary, then can also ruin your productivity. In this article we will take a closer look at office politics and how to make sure they don’t ruin your productivity.

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Top 4 Most Common Time Wasters

Who hasn’t spent a day in the office and achieved absolutely nothing? Time wasters are most likely the blame. In this blogpost you will learn how to identify and avoid time wasters.

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5 Tips for Improving Focus

Do you struggle to maintain your focus? Are you easily distracted? In this blogpost I will share 5 tips for improving your ability to be focussed. Improving your focus has never been easier!

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The 4 Worst Energy-Stealers And How To Deal With Them

There are a couple of energy-stealers, ranging from common distractions to your own procrastination habits. This blogpost will cover the four most obnoxious energy-stealers and how to identify and erase them.

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Tip of the Day #11: 4 Tips To Remove Distractions and Increase Focus

There are numerous ways of removing distractions. Here follow 4 tips to remove distractions and maintain your focus.

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Tip of the Day #6: Deliver On Prime Time

It all starts with understanding during which hours you are most productive. When is your prime time?

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