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Do You Need Daily Goals For Your Personal Life?

Daily goals are a good way to stay on track and get done what needs to be done. This raises the question; do we need to have daily goals for leisure time? The Advantages of Daily Goals There are several advantages that daily goals have to offer. By setting goals for yourself you create a […]

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How To Feel Relaxed And Get A Lot Done

Is it possible to feel relaxed and still get a lot done? Absolutely. You don’t need to lower your productivity standards to feel at ease. You can feel relaxed and still get a lot done. Let me show you how.

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Go With The Flow – A Unique State of Mind

Have you ever just gotten so in the groove on a project that all of a sudden when you look up, it’s time to leave work? That feeling is oftentimes “going with the flow.”

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How To Sleep Better

All too often, we forget how important sleep is to our success throughout the day. It’s so easy to keep watching Netflix until 1 AM or work on a project until the sun comes up. But, it’s also some of the worst things to do for being successful during the day. So, how to sleep […]

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Meditation and Productivity: How to Solve Problems with Mindfulness

What do meditation and productivity have in common? In this article we discuss how mindfulness can help you become more productive.

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How You Perceive Time and Its Effect On Time Management

Who hasn’t felt time fly by? And who hasn’t felt time crawl by when you were bored? We want to be present in the present, yet the present itself is impermanent.

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How to relax after a busy day

It’s been a busy day at work and now you are on your way home. Traffic is jammed and thoughts about unfinished work linger in your head. You are free from work, but still you are occupied by it. How to relax after a busy day at the office?

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Productivity and Happiness: How Are They Related?

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’are probably right”.- Henry Ford. You should start liking what you do, or better said: find something you like to do and do it.

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Optimism, pessimism and productivity

Is the glass half full or half empty? In this post we dive into the effects of positivity and pessimism regarding productivity.

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