The Ultimate Time Management and Productivity Kit

  • 07/11/2015

This package contains 3 eBooks which will help you on your journey to learn more about time managment and becoming more productive.

Contents of this package

  • The Ultimate Guide to Time Management and Productivity
  • The Ultimate Guide to Inbox Zero
  • Word for Word Email Templates

The Ultimate Guide to Time Management and Productivity is a 22-page eBook which discusses topics like time management, addiction to urgency, setting priorities, the 80/20 principle and how to deal with interruptions. It also discusses how you can use time management for your personal life by setting personal goals and how to create more time for your loved ones.

The Ultimage Guide to Inbox Zero is a 9-page eBook which holds all sorts of handy tips and tricks on how to manage your inbox. This eBook contains step-by-step info to help you manage your email flow.

Word for Word Email Templates is an 16-page eBook which contains all sorts of templates that you can directly use. There are templates for sending follow-up emails, networking events, following up on leads, internal emails, emails for job applications and emails that can be used to delegate work. These templates can save a lot of valuable time and effort.

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