Brain training: 5 ways to sharpen your thoughts

A new year, a new you? If you want to kick-start 2016, this article is for you. Let’s discuss brain training and how to become even sharper of thought in the next year.

You brain pretty much controls everything. Whether it be crunching numbers while analysing data or preparing for that meeting. How you perform depends largely on the stat of your brain. And thus, to polish up your thought process you need a healthy brain.

Brain training: Sharpen your mind

Luckily, brain training doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, some really simple and easy steps can help you sharpen your thoughts.


An active body holds the key to a sharp and keen brain. Research has shown that active persons have a more active brain. A more active lifestyle enhances blood circulation throughout the entire body and also energizes the brain. This increases your thinking and thought process.

Be organized

Your brain loves order. A lack of order makes it harder for your brain to remember stuff. If you take time to organize the data you need, it becomes easier to recall in a meaningful way. Organize your data and become better at recollection.

Up for a challenga

This is one of the most important brain training aspects. If you are playing it safe and keeping your brain in the comfort zone, you will lose your mental edge. If you want to sharpen your thoughts it is important to challenge your brain from time to time. A comfortable brain is a lazy brain, you have to stimulate it with new challenges.


Reading has proven to sharpen your thought process and perception. By creating a reading habit you can sharpen your thinking process. Nourish your brain with information from various sources to develop a rational, knowledgeable brain.

Eat, sleep, drink, repeat

Make sure you eat well, get a minimum of 8 hours sleep per day and stay hydrated. Keep calm, remain focussed and sharpen those thoughts!

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