Managing Your Time And Energy

What to do when you’re not feeling really productive? How can you get stuff done while not performing at your best? In this article we will delve into managing your productivity, by managing your energy levels.

There are three levels on which you can operate, you can work by time, work by energy and work by energy and time.

Work by energy

The first way with which you can tackle your to-do list is working with energy levels. You can simply tag your tasks and to-do’s based on the required energy. Labels like ‘low energy’ and ‘high energy’ can help you determine if this task is something you can do now, or perhaps later, when you have renewed your energy. This can help you sort tasks easily and quickly. Also, when you have a few spare minutes (like when you are waiting in line), you might do a small task (like reviewing a document) that requires little energy.

Work by time

Time is easily quantifiable, better then energy levels. You can easily manage how much time something would cost, way better than guessing how much energy you need for a specific task. Sometimes it can help you to assign tasks based on this time-model, so you can easily determine which task to do during a given time. When you have just completed a large tasks and still have 20 minutes to spare before a meeting, you might have time to complete some small “5 minutes” tasks. This might be a better option than starting a large task, and having to stop halfway through.

But knowing how much time you have is one thing, knowing how to combine your current energy level and time can further enhance your productivity.

Managing your time and energy: Combining time and energy levels

Would it not be great to combine the two? Say you have got tasks that cost little time and require little energy, you could do those perfectly in between meetings or when you are waiting for something. If possible, adding time-based and energy-based tasg on your tasks can help you determine when you should do a specific task. And that can be really powerful in itself. It can help you renew your energy to accomplish more than you thought was possible.

We suggest tackling your to-do list with energy-based and time-based tags. In this way you can make the most of your time and get a lot done, even when you are tired. This might help you discover when you are most productive, whether that be in the morning, afternoon or perhaps evening. And it helps you get things done, even when you are not feeling so productive.

Learn about time management?

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