Are You Too Busy To Think?

“I am too busy to plan my week. I just can’t find the time, although I know it’s important.” Does that sound like you?

While writing about productivity and time management I meet all kinds of people who struggle with this dilemma. They want to plan their week, but they don’t seem to find the time to do so. They are under a lot of pressure, but the only response is to do more and more. It feels productive to do everything, but in the end doing everything wears you down. You need clear priorities and you can only set priorities when you think about them, intentionally.

Some of the most productive people of this planet take the time to do some intentional thinking. Taking some time to think can help you plan, be more creative and be more strategic.

Some of the greatest minds of this era brew on ideas. They stop and think. And then they outperform the rest.

When To Stop and Think?

As a partner, friend and business owner, thinking is very important for me. I take it serious.

Actually, I plan time in my calendar for thinking. I use this time to think, plan ahead and reflect. Thinking and reflecting has helped me a lot. I at least do a weekly review each Friday, usually it takes up about an hour per week. Which, if you ask me, is not a lot as it can help you set priorities, plan your next week and reflect on growth. So no matter what you do in life, take some time to stop and think. Reflect, plan, let the ideas flow.

The weekly review is just one of the habits that I have developed for thinking.

Improve Your Thinking With These Habits

These are the habits I use to sharpen my brain and get more creative, innovative or strategic thinking done. Your brain literally grows because you maximize your brain health.

Exercise at least three times a week: Exercise makes you more alert and smarter, you’ll become more capable of learning new things. By exercising at least three times a week you’ll help your blood flow. And the more blood you have going to your brains, the better your cognitive abilities.

Set your MITs. MIT stands for Most Important Tasks. At the end of your workday create a list of your MITs for the next day, this can be done in just a couple of minutes. Review your to-do list and pick your highest priority tasks, those that help you achieve your goals. Some people suggest just picking 1 to 3 MITs per day. I suggest you to stick to just one. Pick one MIT and do that tasks extremely well.

Unplug. I suggest you “unplug” for a day per week. For most people Saturday or Sunday work best. Disconnect all your devices and reconnect with your inner thinking. Setting some time aside to do some intentional thinking can help you feel refreshed and recharged the next week.

Holidays. Another great time to do some thinking are the holidays. Whenever you are on a vacation you have a different mindset. This mindset can help you focus on your dream goals. Take some time off to do some thinking.

Stop For A Moment

The most productive people are even more productive when they take some time to think. Set some time aside to do some thinking and reflect. Create the space to become more productive.

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