complaining is a waste of time

Complaining Is A Waste of Time

You know you shouldn’t do it.

Yet you can’t help yourself.

I know, I’ve been there myself.

I used to complain a lot. But at some point I learned that complaining is just a waste of time. Here’s why you should not complain if you want to be effective and efficient.

Why You Shouldn’t Complain

You only have a set amount of time each day. And you only have a limited source of energy each day. And every minute you invest is a minute you can’t get back. The same is true for your energy.

Every second you use for complaining, is as second lost that could have been used to work on achieving your goals. Every time you complain you let something else slip. Complaining literally costs you time.

I am very interested in the science behind procrastination. And if you ask me, complaining is pretty much the verbal variant of procrastination.

It takes up time. It stops you from moving forward. It doesn’t help you with anything.

How To Stop Complaining And Get More Done

Do you want to spend your time on useful stuff again? It’s time to win back your time.

Use the time to do things

Instead of complaining use that time to work on bettering the thing you want to change. Are you complaining about a bad work environment? Instead of complaining get out there and work towards bettering your environment. Send an e-mail to your supervisor. Take some plants to work. Clean your desk. There’s lots of things you can do yourself to better your environment.

Stop having negative thoughts

Are you having a tough time not-complaining? Remember, you are what you think. Your thinking affects your actions. If you think negative, you are likely to act different then if you are a positive thinker. Optimism, pessimism and productivity are related. If you think you can do it, you can more easily do it. But if you don’t believe in yourself, you will have a much harder time.

Be a source of inspiration

What example do you set when you complain? Not a very good one. Instead, choose to be a source of inspiration for yourself and others around you. Show them how each and every one can change their environment. You can change your mindset and actions, others can to. Choose to make the best of your situation and be positive.

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