How To Motivate Yourself

Even with all the knowledge of time management methods there will still be days that you can’t seem to get anything done. You face procrastination and you’ll need to motivate yourself. How do you do that? How to motivate yourself?

One of the hardest parts of getting things done and achieving results is getting started. All kinds of scenario’s might be going around in your head. Will this project fail? Will I meet the deadline? Because of all these fears we tend to procrastinate. Our mind is very susceptible to things that can go wrong, we are alert and keen on the things that might fail. This is survival mechanism has helped us in the past, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle.

How To Deal With Procrastination

I procrastinate, on a regular basis. I bet you do to. The only way I can overcome procrastination is by setting goals and attaching rewards to those goals. As soon as I hit a goal, I treat myself on a little reward. This gets me in motion. Getting started is the hardest part. Luckily, once you are started the rest becomes easier. Knowing how to motivate yourself is crucial if you wish to overcome procrastination.

How To Set Goals And Stick To The Plan

Without goals I would aimlessly work on what is easiest to accomplish. I’d choose the path of least resistance. Sound familiar?

Setting goals helps me overcome procrastination and helps me to motivate myself. Goals help me stay on track. It becomes very clear when I don’t meet a deadline what the consequences will be. This in itself is very powerful to motivate yourself. Use goal setting to help you follow through.

Before we can get started you need to know what your primary roles are. For each role in your life you will have some responsibilities. There are tasks that belong to these responsibilities. If you can discover what your most important responsibilities and tasks are, you have found your high-level goals.

If your high-level goals match with your roles they are incredibly powerful motivators. Your goals can be huge motivators, if you truly want to accomplish your them.

Make your goals hard, but achievable. They shouldn’t be too easy to accomplish, but they should not be too hard either. It’s just like the experience of flow; there is a small sweet spot.

How To Motivate Yourself When Everything Is Against You

So, rewards and goals can be used to motivate you. But what if everyone and everything is against you? Sure, we both know that is not the case, but it might feel like the world is conspiring against you. As a last resort I use this tactic, which works nine times out of ten…

I get worked up.

You know what the best way is to deal with a writer’s block? Write about something that you are angry about. You’ll soon have written over half a dozen pages.

When you are stuck and you just can’t motivate yourself, get yourself worked up. Make yourself angry. Remind yourself exactly why it is that you want to achieve your goals. And remind yourself what happens when you don’t accomplish the goals you have set.


If you wish to learn how to motivate yourself, you’ll need to know yourself. What would a small reward be, that makes you work harder? When do you procrastinate most, and what would work for you to overcome procrastination? Would setting goals help you to become more motivated? And last but not least, if all else fails, get worked up.

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