8 Tips on How to Overcome Indecisiveness

Everyone has days during which they don’t accomplish a lot. When you are driving home you might wonder where it went wrong, or you might analyse what still needs to be done. A lot of power can be gained by tackling your indecisiveness.

Whenever you feel like you are not achieving that much you should put yourself in a different mindset. Get back to reality by focussing on the ‘now’. Becoming action-oriented can help a lot when it comes to becoming more decisive.

Focus on the now

It is easy to get lost with all the distractions throughout the day. Thousands of thoughts want to get your attention and your mind simply cannot be shut down. You might dream about the future, or linger in the past. However, to become really focussed you will need to feel calm and peaceful in the present. Focus on the now.

How to focus on the now?

If you are having trouble focussing on the now you might try this incredibly easy exercise. Look around you and tell yourself (in your mind) what you see, what colour do things have, what texture and shape have the objects around you? Then focus on your hearing; what do you hear, are there any distant sounds? Use all of your senses to connect with your surroundings. Then focus on yourself, on your current state of being. Let go of the past, don’t fret over the future, feel that you are here right now.

Making use of the Getting Things Done system might help you in order to become more at ease. GTD focusses on closing any open loops by capturing all actionable to-do’). This might help you worry less and thus decreases your indecisiveness, because you have a good overview of all your tasks.

Take action now

Do you know what you could and should be doing at any given moment on your working day? By capturing all open loops and capturing all actionable to-do’s you will become more decisive. If you are having trouble getting things done you might want to take a look at your to-do list and pick an easy task first. Get to it and finish it. This might help you get into a more productive state of mind, so that you have some momentum in order to tackle the bigger to-do’s. This tactic usually helps make me feel productive and get going. Stacking action upon action coerces your mind back into a productive state.

8 tips on how to overcome indecisiveness

You know what you need to do in order to become more focussed on the here and now, and also you know how to become more action-orientated. With the following 8 tips you will learn how to overcome indecisiveness.

1.      Learn about yourself

Without understanding what you want to gain and what you can’t stand to lose, your judgement will be skewed. Ultimately this might make you circle around and thus indecisiveness kicks in. Start by learning about yourself so that you will make better decisions.

2.      Make lists

When you feel overwhelmed and indecisiveness takes over you need to make a list. A list can help you write down all alternatives for a given choice. Making a list will help you clear your head and also allows you to process the different alternatives and outcomes. This helps you make a decision.

3.      Pros and cons

For each option write down the pros and cons. Analyzing the pros and cons can help you along in figuring out what the best option is.

4.      Prioritize

If you have your pros and cons figured out you should use your values to decide what is most important to you. In this way you can more easily prioritize your to-do’s.

5.      How will the choice affect your life?

Whenever you have to make a decision also think about the benefits and consequences of that decision. Also compare the different options you have and think about the consequences of choosing an alternative.

6.      Take each opportunity

Some chances only come once in a lifetime. When you have to make a decision where you are torn between taking a risk or playing it safe consider how rare the opportunity is. Don’t let fear make you indecisive.

7.      Be real, be you

Incisiveness is sometimes a product created by people-pleasers. They are most concerned about what other people want them to do. Sometimes this worrying about what other people think and would want you to do can be a huge factor that triggers indecisiveness. This does not mean you should not consider other people when making decisions, but just be careful not to let others completely dictate the decisions that affect you.

8.      Your gut feeling

Sometimes a tough decision simply cannot be made by using rationality and logic. Pros and cons will only get you so far. These tactics might help you lead down the path of decision-making, but if you have a strong emotional feeling you’ll want to stick with that.

Dependent upon the importance of the decision you are better off by following your intuition. Your intuition is often right. If you do not follow your gut you might regret it later on.

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