rpm stand for Rapid Planning Method

How You Can Use RPM To Get Massive Results

Have you heard of RPM? The famous Results Planning Method from Tony Robbins? If not, you are in for a treat. Say goodbye to your to-do lists and welcome the beauty of RPM. 

What is RPM?

RPM stand for rapid planning method. It’s also known as a results planning method. This method is what Tony Robbins himself uses to get things going, to accomplish what he wants. It helps you to think in outcomes instead of activities. It helps you to see how you can accomplish what you want and helps you see in what ways you can do so.

In order for you to start using this RPM technique I have added two handy videos at the end of this post. And there is a free RPM template that you can use straight away to achieve more results now.

The Idea behind Rapid Planning Method

If you can envision what you want you can make it real. And if you can make your vision come to live, that is massive. How would you live your life if you could achieve what you really wanted?

Most successful people have found a way to maximize their time and energy, their health, the people they know and what they have learned. They put all those things to good use to get what they want. Were focus goes, energy flows. And focus is power. If you are successful at something, and it is consistent, than that is not luck, it’s focus.

The first step of RPM is to be clear on what you want. What is it that you truly, deeply desire? This helps you to focus on what you want, instead of other people’s demands. This helps you to focus on what you really want, instead of what you like in this moment, or what you are afraid of.

Will it take time to get used to RPM? Sure. Will it take time to implement and use the method? At first it will. But like all time management methods and techniques the initial ‘cost’ will be high, but your ‘return on investment’ will be huge.

RPM is a planning method that will help you maximize the results in your life. It focusses on outcomes rather than on activities. It helps you to see the different paths towards your goal, and what to do to get there.

Results First

This Rapid Planning Method is really focused on what you want. Think in terms of outcomes, not activities. The activity can change ,the outcome doesn’t.

Action items and to-do’s are not achievement. Some people are mistaken by movement and they think that it equals achievement. Movement is not achievement. Doing something well or time-efficient is not the same as doing the right things.

So ask yourself, what is my desired end result? What is my desired outcome? What is it that I really, truly want from this?

Be as specific as possible, generalities will confuse.

Purpose Driven

Do you have enough emotional juice to get what you want? Do you have the emotion to follow through?

The second part of RPM focusses on the ‘why’. Why do you want it?

Purpose is more powerful that object. Purpose is the fuel that keeps you going. Every person that is successful knows their ‘why’, that is what makes them successful.

“80% of success is why, 20% is how.”
– Tony Robbins, author, life- and business coach

 If your ‘why’ is big enough, you will find a ‘how’ to make it happen. “

How To Reach Your Goals

Once you have clarity on your ‘what’ – your outcome – and your ‘why’ – your purpose – next is the ‘how’.  This is your Massive Action Plan, also known as MAP. It shows you how you are going to reach your destination, your desired end result.

There are different routes to any destination. The same is true for activities and outcomes. There are many activities that might result in the same outcome. If you define your ‘how’ it is really helpful to write down all to-do’s that might help you achieve your desired results. Eventually you will have a large list of action items. Do you have to complete all of them? No.

Instead, cross of roughly 80% of them. Find the vital few – the 20% of activities – that will result in the 80% of desired outcomes. This is once again the Pareto Principle in action. There are just a few vital activities that will really help you move things forward.

Putting RPM to Action

So you might be very hyped about this RPM technique right now. As such I want to share this resource that I discovered. Please note that this workbook was not created by me. It’s part of Tony Robbins workbook for Rapid Planning Method, which is part of his ‘Time of your life’ program.


More about Rapid Planning Method

For more information about the Rapid Planning Method I suggest you watch this presentation from Tony Robbins himself. He explains the questions you should ask yourself if you want to start using RPM.

Also, I found this handy video from internet entrepreneur Stefan James in which he shows how he uses RPM together with Evernote.

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