5 Tips for Improving Focus

Do you struggle to maintain your focus? Are you easily distracted? In this blogpost I will share 5 tips for improving your ability to be focussed. Improving your focus has never been easier!

How to become more focussed?

There are many ways to improve your ability to remain focussed. Getting into your ‘flow’ and remaining focussed is an essential skill if you wish to become more productive. Luckily you can train your ability to be focussed. With small steps at at time you can master the ability to gain and maintain focus. These 5 tips will help you improve your focus.


Pomodoro: to enforce that you maintain focussed

The Pomodoro technique can be used to hold your attention. During each Pomodoro there is no room for interruptions or distractions. After the Pomodoro is finished you can take a quick break; get some coffee, talk to a collegue or take a restroom break.

Be more focussed with white noise

A little background noise has proven to increase productivity and improve your ability to focus. A moderate level of noise, equal to the background buzz of conversation, boosts creative thinking. Working in a coffee shop or restaurant can help you get your work done. If you’d like to work from home I suggest noisli.com for some ambient background sounds. Noisli lets you create great background noise and even has a color generator.

TIP: for more information about how to improve focus, please check out this article by Health Ambition.

Give yourself a deadline

I might promise my colleague I will get task X or Y done in couple hours. By commiting to a task and my colleague depending on me, I am more urged to complete the task. But not all tasks are for someone else. If you want to be more focussed, give yourself a strict deadline. If you deliver on time, reward yourself.

This deadline, and your commitment to delivering on time, is a small promise to yourself. Research has shown that breaking a promise, even to yourself, makes you feel bad. When you say that you will do something and you fail to deliver, this gnaws at you. This simple mind trick can urge you to become more focussed.

How to focus in a busy environment

It can be rather busy in the office, or at home. How to focus in such an environment? Luckily you can easily gain and maintain focus when the distractions of the outside world are blocked off by headphones. Or you might decide to work in a coffeshop or restaurant. As stated above, the ambient noise in these locations might even improve your productivity. Either try to block noise in crowded areas, or move someplace more quite.

A clear mind is a focussed mind

It is not uncommon that the mind wanders off when things are vague or unclear. By clarifying the next step you need to take you can improve your focus. Clarifying a problem helps you to think through what needs to be done. Small steps are not just complimentary to achieving a focussed state of mind, they are necessary for it. Don’t aim to focus on a big multi-step objective, instead aim for the small individual steps. Be specific about your next step.

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