Go With The Flow – A Unique State of Mind

Have you ever just gotten so in the groove on a project that all of a sudden when you look up, it’s time to leave work? That feeling is oftentimes “going with the flow.”

You’ve found the right groove in your work and you’ve achieved a kind of time management perfection. There are a group of time management gurus that consider this to be called “going with the flow” and they seek to achieve that kind of in-depth work ethic on every project.

Wouldn’t it be great to be so focused and in tune with your work that you don’t even feel time passing? Your days would go by so much faster. Your work would be so much better. So, how does just anyone achieve this? And how is it even possible to do this on a daily basis?

In this article, we will check out some of the tips and tricks that others offer us to “go with the flow” and figure out the best way to achieve that kind of nirvana.

Achieving the Flow

The kind of task you are performing is an important part of achieving this flow. If you are working on something kind of below your skill level, you aren’t going to suddenly tune everything out. Your task needs to be a little bit difficult. It needs to require some thinking and skill. But, it can’t be too hard.

There are three things that are required in order for you to achieve this almost mythical feeling:

  • Goal – You have to have a goal for the task at hand. There must be some sort of reason why you are doing the particular task. The goal is an important part.
  • Balance – This refers to the balance between your skill and the challenge. As mentioned earlier, it can’t be too easy and it can’t be too hard. Just like Goldilocks, it has to be just right.
  • Feedback – You must be receiving constant feedback from the project at hand. Whether it is from other people or the project itself is providing the feedback, you must know what kind of job you’re doing. Delayed gratification is not a good aspect to the flow.

With those three parts, you will be much more likely to go with the flow. All three of those must be present for you to achieve this feeling with any given task. You’re not going to suddenly become incredibly in tune while folding laundry. But, it’s also not going to happen if you just started teaching yourself Mandarin Chinese.

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