How To Feel Less Stressed

The world of today is hectic and fast. No wonder we feel stressed from time to time. But once acute stress becomes chronic, it’s time for a change. It’s time to learn how to feel less stressed.

Less stress, better life

If you experience less stress your quality of life will surely benefit. You will feel more at ease, feel much more relaxed. Sometimes stress is not bad. A little stress can help you become more productive. But too much stress has the opposite effect.

Who hasn’t experiences stress in his or her life? Stress comes in many shapes and sizes. Some stress is acute, some stress has a more chronic approach. Acute stress is mostly due to deadlines or sudden commitments and unexpected crises. This type of stress can sometimes feel good, as we feel like we are in the eye of the storm. After such an encounter with stress we feels good. Handling a crisis makes us feel powerful. But, too much of acute stress can lead to chronic stress. And there is absolutely nothing good about chronic stress.

Do you want to learn how to feel less stressed?

How to manage stress

It might sound strange, but you can manage stress. Managing stress starts with managing your expectations and commitments. By communicating clear expectations to others and yourself, you can drastically reduce stress. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It pays off to not expect to much from yourself. This only leads to perfectionism. Besides, done is better than perfect. Setting clear expectations and managing those expectations is the first step towards less stress in your life.

Next up: commitments.

We humans tend to commit to a lot of things.

“Yes, I’ll run to the grocery store for you. Yes, I’ll have that report ready by tomorrow morning. Yes, I’ll come with you to that party.“

In the end, we say yes to a lot. We overcommit. It’s time to cut back on making commitments. Only commit to things that you really want to do. As a rule of thumb keep in mind that for every “yes” you need to say “no” three times.

Managing stress starts with setting clear expectations and less commitments.

how to deal with stress, step by step

Luckily, you can handle acute stress. You can anticipate on this type of stress. If you have too much on your plate or if you have deadlines closing in on you. Both of these are signals that you might suffer from stress in the near future. It’s time to prioritize and plan how and what your are going to do. Most tasks can be planned ahead. Let’s take a closer look at how to feel less stressed in four easy steps:

  1. Schedule your day
  2. Become proactive
  3. Say no
  4. Eliminate distractions

If you schedule your day, you are in charge. You plan when you are going to work on what. In this way you become proactive and this helps you to pick your priorities. Instead of being reactive, and responding to everything that comes your way, to work on the priorities selected by you. This means that you will need to say no to other things. Things that you don’t consider as your priorities. If you want to learn how to feel less stressed you will also have to learn how to eliminate distractions. Only when you have mastered how to focus on the things you want will you learn to let go of stress.

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