Improve Productivity Every Night

The biggest way to improve productivity is to set yourself up for success everyday. The best way of creating that success is by preparing the night before. This step-by-step guide will show you how you can easily improve the next day’s productivity the night before.

How to improve productivity?

One important part of this is that you have some sort of planner. Whether it is a physical planner or an electronic one, a planner is a crucial element for your success. Having a planner is a great way to write down tasks or ideas that come to you throughout the day. It’s incredibly helpful in creating a to-do list. And, it serves as a great reminder of obligations. How else would you remember that doctor’s appointment you scheduled 6 months ago?

Step 1) Prep your meals. Every night, while I’m putting away dinner, I prep my meals for the next day. Sometimes, I pack my lunch. Other times, I get my cereal ready for the am. By preparing food for the next day, I’m saving valuable time. And, I get my coffee ready to go so when I wake up, all I have to do is hit the button and I can really get started on my day. Meal prepping is a great way to improve productivity. You don’t just have to prep for the next day – there are tons of ways that meal prepping can be done.

Step 2) Create a prioritized to-do list. After getting your food situation handled, take the time to figure out what you need to do tomorrow. I usually sit down with my planner and look at what I accomplished today and what I need to do tomorrow. If I didn’t get a specific task done today, it goes to the top of my to-do list for the next day.

Some tips for that to-do list –

  • Put the things you hate doing first. Hate going to the post office? Get that done immediately. If you have things you hate towards the middle or even bottom of your list, you will find excuses to ignore them. By knocking out hated things first, you can get right along to the fun stuff.
  • Keep it realistic. Don’t think you’re going to solve the debt crisis or anything. Keep your expectations realistic.
  • Include everything. Make sure to include everything you need to do on that to-do list. Even the boring stuff like laundry or responding to an email – treat that list like it is your script for the next day.

That to-do list will be your guide for the next day. You will follow it precisely. It might feel weird the first few times, but you’ll get the hang of it. And who doesn’t love crossing an item off a to-do list?

Step 3) Create a reward for yourself. If you manage to get everything done on your list by lunch, make sure to figure out a reward. Sometimes, I give myself an hour of guilt-free television if I get my to-do list done. By planning out your reward the night before, it will feel like part of the schedule and you’ll be less likely to overstep and just keep watching television while the day slips away from you.

Step 4) Set out your clothes for tomorrow. Improve productivity by just eliminating time wasters before they happen. Setting out your outfit for the next day is a super quick fix to a huge problem. How many times have you gotten ready only to realize you needed to iron your shirt? Get it done the night before to create a stress-free morning. If you don’t have a problem with your clothes, then figure out something that stops you in the morning and get it done the night before. Be sure to customize your productivity plan to fit your needs.

Step 5) Get a good nights sleep. Productivity has a lot to do with how you feel during the day. You are much more likely to get more done if you feel energized. So, sleeping well is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Get to bed at a decent time and limit your screen time before bed. Don’t stay up all night trying to hammer out a project – get some sleep and you can get to it first thing in the morning with a fresh mind.

By preparing the night before, you can easily improve productivity. You are bound to reap the rewards by setting your day up for success. For more tips and tricks in productivity, be sure to download “How to Become More Productive in Less than 10 Minutes.


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