Do you suffer from the Sunday Syndrome?

Do you have the ‘Sunday Syndrome’?

Today’s article is from Balint Gubicza, founder of His contribution is about the ‘Sunday Syndrome’. Continue reading to find out if you suffer from this syndrome. 

When early in the morning you already feel stressed out about Monday what you will need to do, how bad it will be,… and it ruins your whole day? It is often called the ‘Sunday Night Blues’ or the ‘Sunday Night Syndrome’ but I happen to come across people (I was one as well) that have (had) it the whole day. I call it simply just the ‘Sunday Syndrome’.

What drives this such a negative feeling from which it seems there is no escape except if you change your environment?


Having a demotivating environment, with ever growing workload without meaningful goals and recognition?

Saying ‘no’?

How regularly are you turning down low value additional workload requests? It’s not easy but well worth the effort using your inner strength to say: “Thanks for trusting me with this additional work, but I am afraid I have to say no to this as I am working on ………. high value task(s) for the whole team, that takes up all of my focus right now. I know it will bring a huge value to the department in the form of … (exact numbers) and maybe on others’ as well via a cross promotion. If I have a say in this, I would like to recommend … as she (he) will get it done much faster than me because this is the first time I would do it.” This will bring up 2 very awarding judgments of you:

  1. The person who is committed = taking ownership = value
  2. The person who knows what is important = value

Your Own Goals or Others’?

Are you superseding your job description? What tasks are you given with what outcome? What is their value to your workplace? What is their relation to Your own values?

Are you productive or busy?

Very tricky question as one is about working overtime all the time without achieving any major results and the other is working smarter not harder. Click HERE to find out more on this.

How do you set your priorities?

Do you set high-medium-low value goals? Click HERE to learn how. If you answer all of these questions to yourself, you will understand the drivers behind this such a negative (unproductive) feeling. This is bad ending point to realize, but an excellent starting point to work on the solutions and in time, getting over this state.

Click HERE if you want to get control of your workload and achieve a work-life balance.

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