Why You Should Always Write Things Down

What happens when you are busy with something and – suddenly- you have a brilliant idea. There are two options: 1) you write it down and forget what you where doing, or 2) you don’t write it down, continue what you were working on and you’ll forget the idea. This article is about why you should always write things down.


We all have those days in which we are busy until we are interrupted by a colleague. This interruption might get you out of your flow, it might interrupt your process. But that’s fine, as long as you knew where you left your task and can pick it back up. But this requires you to have a pen and paper, or the discipline to take notes on pc. Writing things down is not just necessary in order for you to pick up after you have left a task, it’s for not losing ideas.

What happens when you have a brilliant idea, but can’t write it down? You’ll soon forget this great idea, and no matter how hard you try, you won’t remember your idea.

The best way to avoid losing ideas is to keep a pen and paper, or your mobile, at hand. It might seem as a tedious thing to do at first; writing things down as you are interrupted. But you’ll soon experience this becomes second nature and you’ll never forget your best ideas.

When Should You Write Things Down?

You can write all sorts of stuff down, ranging from:

  • Brilliant ideas;
  • Notes about where you left off with a specific tasks;
  • Reminders;
  • and so on.

If you start learning when and what to write down now, you’ll soon have mastered this productive habit. Writing things down is especially handy when your head feels full. When you need some room for thought and some extra space writing things down can help. If you externalize your thought and ideas you will have more room for creative, innovative thinking. You don’t need to rely on your brian to remember everything, you have external tools for that.

Give yourself a break, write more things down.

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