How to Run an Effective Meeting

We are sure you have experienced some bad meetings. The kind of which seems to never come to an end. And after you leave the meeting there are no clear follow-up actions or assigned deadlines. This blogpost will teach you how to run an effective meeting and never again suffer from meetings that seems to drag on forever.

Here is how to run an effective meeting. A good meeting is build upon these 3 basic elements:

  1. Each participant leaves the meeting with clear objectives and defined tasks, including deadlines.
  2. Meeting should be kept as short as possible, therefore an agenda is mandatory.
  3. Only people that can directly contribute to the outcome should be participating in the meeting.

Sounds easy enough, right? But some more things are needed in order to run an effective meeting.

Before the meeting

A clear agenda is mandatory. The agenda should contain these items:

  • Priorities
  • Desired results and KPI’s
  • Participants
  • Sequence
  • Timing
  • Date and time
  • Place

Priorities need to be adressed, in other words: what needs to be done? The desired results and KPI’s should be discussed, what is the ultimate goal of the meeting? Who is required for the meeting and who are optional participants? In what order are topics covered? How much time should each topic take? When will the meeting take place and where?

A clear agenda will help you and your team maintain focus, before and during the meeting.

The meeting

Running an effective meeting goes beyond a clear agenda. Things to take into consideration:

  • Ask each teammember for his or her input.
  • Moving on to the next topic? Conclude this topic and give a brief summary. This will make decision making that much easier.
  • Is everbody paying attention? Watch for body language and take a break ik needed.
  • Keep track of all actionable items mentioned or discussed during the meeting. Including who they are assigned to and what the given deadline is.

Follow-up required?

A clear agenda and laser-like focus during the meeting itself should help you run a more effective meeting. Next up, make sure all participants receive a short debrief with all discussed topics and outcomes. These will most likely be assigned tasks with specific deadlines.

How to run an effective meeting

Did you achieve to discuss all topics that were on the agenad? Were all objectives and tasks met? Take some time for evaluation and you will learn how to run an effective meeting even better.

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