How Time Management Can Boost Your Productivity

When you think about time management you might be thinking about improving your productivity. And productivity usually means ‘output’. But time management can also help you boost your creativity. Here is how.

Benefits of Time Management

Time management has several benefits, ranging from accomplishing more in less time to feeling less overwhelmed and stressed. But time management is also great for entrepreneurs who need to create products and launch their businesses.

Solo entrepreneurs who use time management can greatly increase their input. And thus spent their valuable time more wisely. Time management can be used to:

But those are some of the more ‘output’ centered benefits. There are also benefits that are more psychological, like:

How Time Managements Leads To Increased Productivity

Most time management methods focus on using different tools, like to-do lists. With these lists you can easily externalize what is in your head. Whatever is on your mind can be put onto paper. As such, time management can help anyone to create more room in their minds.

With today’s hectic pace of life we tend to feel overwhelmed. Creating some small, extra room for thought is very valuable. Especially when you are a solo entrepreneur and your business launch is dependent upon your creative insights. In general entrepreneurs are makers, they want to create things. They want to create solutions for potential customers. They want to create cool things that make the world a better place. As such, creativity is hugely important.

Time management can be a huge help for creativity. If you have clear head, you have more room for thought and space to think, right?

If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that you need to do. You need to work on your business plan, your product(s) and all the rest. Time management can help you keep your sanity, while you work on your business. By setting priorities, working in dedicated blocks of time and keeping your focus on your highest leverage tasks you can accomplish a great many things.

Productivity is extremely important for any entrepreneurs. Without it, you would not be able to create new products, to innovate and to grow. By making use of proven time management techniques and methods you can create room in your head. This extra room can be put to good use. You can use this extra ‘mental bandwidth’ to generate new, innovative ideas.

How To Learn Time Management

If you want to start learning time management there are several things you can start doing:

  • Learn about time management for beginners and decide why you want to start using time management. Is it for more control over your day, less stress in your life or to “create” more time?
  • Start keeping track of your time. Only then can you determine if you spend enough time on the activities and tasks that truly matter. Try to spend as much of your time on your highest leverage tasks, on the to-do’s that get you closer to your goals.
  • Read about the 80/20 rule. This “hidden law of nature” can help you dramatically increase your output.

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