Why Be Organized?

Why be organized? Organization is such an important skill to have. Being organized can help with a multitude of different skills.

Imagine if you went into your closet and you didn’t have your clothes hung up. They would be everywhere and it would take so long to find anything. Where is that blue shirt? Things would just be scattered about and you would be stuck in your closet for hours until you find the right outfit. You would be sifting through clothes non-stop, trying to sort through pants and shirts and winter coats. It would be impossible to get ready in the morning. That’s just a small role that organization plays in your daily life. 

You might be wondering “Why be organized?”. Well, organization is the key to a simpler life. When you are organized, you shave off precious minutes of time every step of the way. You save time by not having to hunt or look for things. You can enjoy your life more when you’re not constantly looking for the last place that you left your keys. Organization is not just about the small stuff. It can also be the big things. Having a file cabinet with important documents can save you a ton of time. There are so many different ways to be organized and all of them help you in the long run.

Become Organized

Today, we’ll share some of the top organizational tips and tricks to help you. Nobody wants to look back on his or her life and realize how much time was spent looking for the sunglasses. It just makes life easier and better to be organized.

Tip #1: Put it in the same place.

How many times have you searched for your keys? How many times have you been late because you couldn’t find your keys? And then, how many times was it because someone else touched them and put them back in a place that was different? For me, it’s been too many times than I would like to admit. A great organizational tip is to put important items in the same place every time. Have a designated spot for certain things. The car keys go on this hook. Place your bag in that basket. That way, you’ll always know exactly the last place you put your item.

Tip #2:  Group things together.

If you are about to do something out of the ordinary and don’t want to forget it, put it with your regular things. If you have a letter you absolutely must send, put it under your keys or on top of your lunchbox before you leave the house. You’re so much more likely to forget it without giving yourself that reminder. If you are visiting somewhere and put something in the fridge, put your keys in the fridge with it so you won’t forget it.

Tip #3: Throw it away.

Do you have a ripped shirt in your dresser that you look at every time and think, “I need to throw that away”? Then do it! Don’t let things sit around. If something needs to be thrown away, do it immediately. That way, you are not constantly pushing past it or procrastinating the inevitable. 

Tip #4: Utilize your planner.

You’ll never remember that dentist appointment you set up 6 months ago, so write it down. It doesn’t matter if you are using a physical planner or taking advantage of one of the many different apps that are available. Find a planner that you like and that suits you and stick to it. It’s so easy to forget things, but by writing them down, you are less likely.

Tip #5: Clean off your desk.

If you have things on your desk that you don’t use everyday, put them away. The only things that should be on your desk are items that you use every single day. If you have tons of papers, go through them. Trash what you don’t need anymore and put up the important documents. A great trick is to have binders. Important documents go inside the binder. And, if you suddenly have a paper that you need to keep, put it on top of your binder so that when you have time, you can put it in. Setting small reminders for yourself is a great way to get things done. 

Tip #6: Label!

Labeling things is such a great way to keep track of things. Label your folders and binders. Label boxes for you to put things in. That way, you’ll never be looking for something in a million different boxes. It’s just like when you move – you write on the boxes to keep track of what’s inside. Do that with your life. Write things out so you know exactly what’s inside. Have a binder for electronic books and mark it on the outside. It’ll be so easy to find that television user manual in a few months if you know you keep all of the manuals in one specific spot that is labeled. 

Tip #7: Write it down.

You should never be able to use the excuse that you didn’t write something down anymore. With your cell phone, you have a notepad on your person at all hours of the day. Every phone comes with a stock notepad app that you should utilize. Hear of a great new restaurant? Write it down! 

Why Be Organized? This Is Why!

Organization is the key to having a simpler life. By maintaining a sense of order throughout all things, you can be a better employee, parent, and even person. When you know where everything is, you will never waste time again searching. And, you’ll be much happier. It’s so easy to get frustrated and flustered when trying to find something. Relax and know exactly where things need to be at all times. 

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