How to Take Notes?

Do you have one place to take notes? And after you have written them down, can you find them? This blogpost will teach you how to take notes more effectively.

All kinds of time management tools

We have lots of time management systems and tools to aid us in our quest to increase productivity. Think about address books, calendars and many to-do lists. But when it comes to taking notes, people tend to write things down about almost anywhere and everywhere. Ranging from stick-it’s to legal pads. So we need one place to take notes, so we can find them again once we have written them down.

How to take notes

An area that is largely neglected is the note-taking area. As time managers we carry our (digital) address books and calendars, but few of us have one place to store notes. So what happens is the following: whenever we need to write down a piece of information, we just grab the closest thing at hand. We have captured the information, but when we lose the piece of paper where we jotted it down, the info is lost. Keeping all your notes in one place is just as important as taking notes.

One place for all your notes

By having a single place to takes notes will help you in never losing an important note again. This means you also have one place to go when you need to retrieve a note. Which makes accessing your information way more practical.

Therefore we suggest the following:

Keep a single notebook

Keep a single notebook. Preferably something portable. You can either use a Moleskine notebook or perhaps you are more of a tech-savvy person who wants to use Evernote for note taking.

Take your notebook with you at all times

Make sure you are able to take notes, wherever you go. Therefore it is so important that your notebook is portable.

Review notes regularly

Review your notes at least weekly. In this way nothing slips your attention. Perhaps you find a hidden gem among them. And also, this will help you remain organized. Throw out old, obsolete notes.

How to take notes the effective way

Most people spend a horrible amount of time looking for information they already have captured. This can be solved by having a single place for your notes. So next time you take a note, don’t use that napkin or Post-it, grab your single notebook.


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