The Ultimate To-Do list

To-do lists are great, but how much tasks should be on them? Is there some sort of magic number when it comes to productivity and effectiveness? Don’t put too much tasks on your to-do list, as you are more likely to fail. This article is all about how to build the ultimate to-do list.

Ultimate To-Do List

It might be unwise to try and overachieve. Whenever you put too much tasks on your to-do list, you put yourself up for failure. Pick between 4 and 10 important tasks to put on your to-do list and focus on just those tasks. It’s better to do a few tasks very good, than a lot of tasks mediocre. If possible I suggest to pick even fewer tasks, three is the magic number. Everyone has enough time to finish three important tasks. Write these tasks down, preferably at the end of the day before. So you can start straight away when you arrive in the office. When you are able to finish 3 important tasks per day, you will have likely done more than your other colleagues. Some people are just too focussed on urgent tasks, that they forget that there are just a few vital to-do’s that yield the most results.

A short to-do list helps you focus on your most important tasks. And it helps you feel in control, as three to-do’s are easily managed. Give it a try for yourself and let me know how this works for you.

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