Get Things Done with “Getting Things Done”

Getting things done has become quite a phenomenon in the time management industry, but why? And is GTD the time management system for you? Continue reading to learn about the advantages of GTD, in comparison to other time management systems.

GTD is .. geared to knowledge

The term knowledge worker was coined by Peter Drucker, which means “anyone which work is not clearly defined”. “What is the desired outcome of my work?” should be the main question knowledge workers should ask themselves. Knowledge workers must make many decisions about how to work and organize themselves. GTD can help knowledge workers to organize their work and be aware of their attention and concentration.

.. is concrete

Getting Things Done contains advice and many insights that are directly applicable to everyday work. Such as:

  • Empty your inbox first, then move onto your next action. Don’t combine cleaning your inbox and working on large projects at the same time.
  • When processing your inbox, can you do complete actionable items in e-mails less than two minutes, then do so.
    GTD is a powerful system when you apply it in its entirety, but also small steps can be beneficial.

.. gives control first

Getting things done focusses on getting in control first. Control and overview are paramount within the GTD methodology. This creates space to think. To keep that space free it is necessary that GTD becomes a habit. GTD goes way beyond offering tips about productivity or time management, it is not just about saving time and planning your day, it is about focussing on your (life) goals.

.. works in any environment

GTD can be implemented in any environment where you are working as a knowledge worker. The system is flexible and can be applied to all kinds of work. Also, you can choose how you wish to implement Getting Things Done. You might prefer paper above digital notebooks, within Getting Things Done that is fine. Also, the approach does not focus on a specific tool. You can be more productive by choosing a powerful tool, but productivity should never be restricted by a certain tool.

.. is oriented on the individual and cooperation

The system offers a new way of thinking and working on your tasks, ideas and projects. Therefore Getthing Things Done is a powerful system that can help you, as an individual, but also in a team. The insights from GTD can greatly help in cooperating with others. The system forces you to think about how you work and what the goal and end result should look like. Focussing on the next actions can elevate team efforts to a new height.

.. can be learned fast

The pragmatic approach from Getting Things Done is easily learned. You can easily implement the first few steps in order to achieve more productivity. But getting a grip on the whole system is a bit more difficult, this might take half a year to a year in order to fully benefit from the system. It does take time to cultivate a habit.

How to become productive

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