How To Use Kanban For Time Management

Out of sight means out of mind. That is why the best productivity systems place your most important to-do’s right in front of you. Enter, Kanban.

Kanban Explained

One systems that is easy to use for prioritization, goal tracking and keeping to-do’s is Personal Kanban.

This easy productivity systems is super easy to use. It is designed to visually show you what is on your plate, what priorities you have and what you have accomplished so far. Kanban is easy to tweak, according to your needs.

The Two Rules of Kanban

Personal Kanban only has two rules, which makes is so handy and easy to use:

  • Visualize your to-do’s
    This rule means you must be able to glance and see your total workload. This should help you to determine quickly what you should do next. It helps with setting priorities.
  • Limit your Work In Progress
    The second rule says you should limit the number of things you work on at the same time. The effects are twofold: it becomes easier to visualize your work and it helps you avoid the dangers of multi-tasking. Managing your workload is a lot easier with Personal Kanban. Suddenly, saying no to the wrong things becomes easier.

Implementing Kanban

There are different ways you can implement Personal Kanban for your work. There are lots of apps or tools that give you a Kanban overview. Or you might just use a simple bulletin board, post-it notes or a simple notebook. It’s up to you.

Implementing Kanban is not hard. You just need some space for your “Kanban Board” (if you use a physical board). Your Kanban Board is divided into three vertical colums, namely: Backlog/To-do, Doing and Done.

In “Doing” are all the to-do’s you are working on right now or that you plan on working immediately. Preferably you organize the Doing column based on priority, so you can glance at them and see what tasks needs to be done first.

In “Backlog” are all to-do’s and tasks that you are not working on right now, but that you will need to do eventually.

“Done” holds, as you might have guessed, your completed works. Seeing how much work you have done and completed can be a huge motivation. It’s a good thing to write down your accomplishments.

If you want to go with apps and tools you might want to check out Trello or KanbanFlow. Both are easy to use and free.

These three components make up a Kanban board. An example can be viewed here:


So, does this Personal Kanban approach appeal to you?

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