How A Bullet Journal Can Keep Busy, New Entrepreneurs Sane

Journaling might seem a bit new-agey. However, the effects of keeping a journal are very beneficial. It helps relieve stress, it helps to focus on your goals, it increase your happiness. Also, a journal – and the bullet journal in particular – can help you be more organized.

What Is A Bullet Journal?

The concept of the bullet journal is actually quite simple. You won’t need any loose papers, just a notebook. In this notebook you write down everything: to-do’s, ideas, appointments and so on.

This video helps explain what a bullet journal is:

Creating A Bullet Journal

So, you start with a blank index page. This index page will grow and grow, so you will be able to find the stuff you wrote down.

Next up, create an overview of the current month. Place numbers for the dates on the left en write down the first letter of the particular day. This is your overview for this month. You can use this overview to keep track of important events.

On the next page, write down all your to-do’s for this month. Eventually, you will also use this page to see, at the end of the month, if any incomplete to-do’s need to be re-adjusted and placed into the next month’s to-do list.

These are the basics. Now, onto daily to-do lists.

For writing down different things you can use different symbols. To-do’s are shown as an unmarked checkbox, events can be displayed as a circle and for notes you can just write down a small dot. With this system you can create a new list, for each day.

You can place an asterisk (*) with important to-do’s, at their left side. This will make your bullet journal even more handy.

Whenever the month is over, you check all days to see if there are any incomplete to-do’s left. If so, you might want to place them in your to-do list for the next month. Also, in the next month you can look back at important events that took place in the previous month. With just a glance you will see what happened the last month. Handy and convenient.

Why You Should Use A Bullet Journal

Journaling might not be for everyone. Some people are more fond of digital tools and apps, others like a more analog approach. If you are a busy entrepreneur that is fond of analog tools, the bullet journal is for you.

The bullet journal is an easy and concise tool which eliminates the need for lots of different tools and to-do’s on loose scraps of paper. A bullet journal can help you maintain your sanity. You know where to look for any piece of particular information; in your bullet journal.

This is why, I think, the bullet journal is ideal for new entrepreneurs. Whether your travel a lot or are a work-at-home entrepreneur, you can take the bullet journal with you wherever you go. The journal holds all your valuable information that is business-related. It’s great for maintaining your sanity. You won’t have to think of everything, your bullet journal helps you with that.

What do you think, is the bullet journal a tool for you? Or are you more digitally minded?

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