Tip of the Day #20: Setting Priorities

Setting priorities can be hard. Once you have caputered all your to-do’s and cleared your inbox, what is next? You have to figure out what is the most important thing on your to do list. Which of your tasks will get you the most results and which ones can wait?

Setting priorities

If you don’t set priorites you will eventually just follow the path of least resistance. You will end up picking up the things that are most easiest to do. And thus leaving the more difficult or less fun tasks for “later”. Often “later” becomes “never”, or even worse, just before the task should be finished.

When to prioritize?

Prioritize your next working day before you leave the office. Or if that works better for you, make a planning during the evening for the next morning.

How to prioritize?

Choose your top five most important task for the next day. Prioritize them and work on them in order of priority. If, at any given moment, you become unsure about what to do next, ask yourself what your top priority for that moment is. For me personally, I like to check my priorities in the morning, sometimes before or after lunch and sometime around 16:00 PM. In this way I have three checks that help me set priorities.

Setting priorities

Setting priorities requires that you have some self-knowledge. You need to know what tasks are on your plate, which tasks lead to your objectives and which ones are just ‘busy work‘ that leads nowhere.

Please note: This will be the last post in the ‘Tip of the Day’ Category. At first the ‘Tip of the Day’ section focussed on short blogposts, but you guys let me know you’d rather have the longer, more in-depth posts. As such I will aim to bring you more in-depth posts that dive into the nitty gritty details.

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