Time Management Hacks for Account Managers

You can only make good use of your time when you know what is most important and give it all you have got. Use these time management hacks to drive more sales and generate revenue.

As salesperson your most valuable resource is time. When you make the most of your time is what will set you apart from an average salesperson. Creating extra hours in your day can be that deciding factor between hitting your quota or falling short.

The salespeople that I work with use these time management hacks to make sure they never run out of steam. It’s rather impressive to see them exceed their quota, month after month.

As such, I decided to share these extreme time management hacks with you. If you are in Sales, these hacks might just help you reach your quota this month. These hacks can also be used when you are not an account manager.

Use your brain’s optimal two hours

Recently behavioural scientist and professor Dan Ariely said that our brains have a productivity window of about two hours. This productivity window starts around two hours after we wake up. So if you wake up at 7 AM, your brain’s peak is at 9 AM.
As account manager this is how it works:

  • Start waking up at the same time every day.
  • Schedule your most draining to-do each day during these two hours.

This will take some time getting used to. Consistency is key here, as your brain will need to adjust to your schedule before the effects of the productivity window are most effective.
Just imagine how many clients or prospect you can reach during your window of productivity. Pick whatever you struggle most with and do that during the two hours that your brain is at its most effective. Use the peak performance wisely. And if you are a coffee-addict (like me), don’t have a cup of coffee before you hit this two hour window of productivity.

52 minutes on, 17 minutes off

Research by the Dragium Group found that their top performers worked hard for 52 minutes and then rested for 17 minutes. Taking breaks is important. As this gives your brain a reset, so it can recharge. If you are making calls all day without taking a rest, it’s going to destroy your productivity in the end.
If you want to make the most of this time management hack use these steps:

  • Schedule task in one-hour intervals
  • Come up with goals for your 17-minute breaks

Work as hard as you can for 52 minutes, then take a 17 minutes break and resume what you were doing. The essential part of these breaks is that you get away from your computer and your CRM. Use the break to review the calls you made during the day or go for a walk.
Setting goals for your 17-minute breaks can even help you improve your sales strategy. And putting 17 minutes into something that you really love, the benefits might far exceed your expectations.

Find an extra half hour

This hack is not just for account managers, but it is a great fit for anyone wanting to optimize the amount of time he or she spends on a certain to-do.
This hack works as following:

  • Put in an extra half hour of work in your calendar every day;
  • Record what you accomplish during this half hour.

It seems like bad advice, but trust me, if you work a half hour more per day you end up with 2.5 hours per week extra. This hustle might just be what you need to put you ahead of your competitors. Use this time to practice the art of selling, and what you struggle most with. That might be prospecting, research or giving a demonstration. Write down what you achieve during this extra half hour and what you have learned. This helps you get a bit better each day, which helps you make every day a bit better.

Whether those hours are used for creative thinking or some extra calls to prospect, they improve your odds of hitting your quota. And there’s more.. 2.5 hours per week becomes 10 hours a month and thus 120 hours per year. An extra 120 hours per year you can spent on your pipeline? That is quite something!

Account managers have a lot to do, and not much time to get it all done. With simple time management hacks like these, you can make the most of your day. These hacks can help you really take your game to the next level.

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