Timeless time management tips for entrepreneurs you don’t want to miss

It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur with a small or big team. Perhaps you are a solopreneur with no team at all. The problem is the same; there will always be more to do than there is time to complete all those tasks.

How can you overcome this obstacle as an ambitious entrepreneur?

In this article we will look at timeless time management tips for entrepreneurs.  Let’s go!

Do your most important tasks first thing in the morning

It’s so easy to get dragged along in the pull of what is urgent. However, it’s entirely up to you to remain focused. The best way to move a project forward is by focusing on it first thing in the morning. Work on the things that really help drive your business forward. Will posting yet another article on Facebook help your business, or would you rather have that dreaded cold call to that potential customer?

Focus on your most important tasks first thing in the morning.

This simple time management tip is one of the most basic, yet also most powerful. People that seem to neglect this rule rush through the day, only to ponder what they have really accomplished at the end of it.

How to find your most important tasks

Are you having trouble finding your most important tasks? These questions will help you find out what your top priorities are.

  1. Does a particular activity make other activities obsolete?
  2. Is this task important? Is it both urgent and important?
  3. Does this task feel daunting and challenging?

These three tips are the things I use to find out my priorities. Sometimes I focused on tasks that could have been completed easier when I did something else first. And at other times I was misled by tasks that are urgent, but not important. And last but not least, 9 times out of 10 your most important tasks are also the tasks that feel most challenging.

Work when you feel motivated

You deliver the best results when you feel motivated and energized.

You feel energetic. Enthusiastic. You are beaming with energy.

That is exactly the moment that you should focus on your most important tasks.

I like to write in the early mornings or late evenings. But at noon, with all those meetings and other stuff, I’m not in the mood to write. So I can either write 2 hours at noon, or 1 hour in the late evening. Both examples will be enough for a good, solid text. But one hour in the evening is of course a better allocation of time and energy.

Work when you feel like it. Especially as entrepreneur you will need to re-charge and relax. This is one of the most neglected time management tips for entrepreneurs. Take some time off.

Have a clear battle plan

Do you know when I screw up?

When I have motivated myself to get cracking, only to find that I have no clear plan of action.

Always have a clear “battle plan”. This plan should contain your current priorities and highest priority goals.

If you have a clear plan of action it becomes that much easier to move things forward. Besides, it takes up a lot of time and energy to find out what is most important. It’s best to have a clear to-do list upfront so you can get to work straight away.

I suggest creating a to-do list the day before, in the evening.

What is your best time management tip for entrepreneurs? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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