TIP OF THE DAY – #2: Gathering Your To-Do’s

If you want to clear your mind, start by gathering all actionable items. Meaning all to-do’s that require action from you, now or later.

Capturing Your To-Do’s

Get all of your tasks and ideas out of year head and write them down, or put them into a digital list. In this way, an organized system is formed. A clear head allows you to be more creative. Getting your to-do’s externalized can help you create a productive environment in which you thrive. Besides, tasks become more tangible and easier to manage when they are written down.

Gather To-Do’s With Getting Things Done

A system that is well-known for encouraging this process of gathering is Getting Things Done, also known as “GTD”. This time management method relies heavily on the principle of gathering all actionable to-do’s. This helps you organize your tasks and ideas, and thus, helps you be more productive in the long term.

How To Gather All Actionable To-Do’s

If you have trouble writing down all your actionable to-do’s ask yourself what your most important goals are. In this way there are sure to pop up a some new tasks or ideas that you had forgotten. Add all to-do’s that help you achieve your goals on your to-do list. It is likely that you also have a lot of tasks that don’t help you accomplish your goals. Like tasks that others have asked you for help with, or that they have delegated. If possible eliminate these tasks as much as possible. Other people’s priorities should never destroy your productivity.

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