Tip of the Day #6: Plan your day ahead

Create a to-do list for the next day. Planning creates emotional distance and combats feeling overwhelmed. Plan your to-do’s for the upcoming day and use time blocks to allocate your time. This article shows you how you can stick to your plan.

It happens to the best of us: you have made a really good planning, but something urgent pops up and your planning is scrambled. You lose focus and your attention soon drifts off to less important tasks. It feels as if your time management skills do not suffice, but it’s not your fault. From time to time we all have trouble sticking to the plan.

Stick To The Plan

Most of us have the tendency to be easily distracted. That’s okay, we are all just humans. We are not perfect. Your time management tactics will be flawed from time to time, and that is okay. At other times your energy levels will be low, thus you don’t feel like starting that new, big project.

What to do if you are adrift? Once you have lost all your concentration and your planning seems you fail you, what then? Focus on the single most important task of this day. If you can complete just that single task, you should be happy with yourself.

Plan Your Day, Set Priorities

Planning can be hard. You should always take into account that you never fill more than 65% of your schedule. You can fill in your calendar for 100%, but what happens when an unexpected situation rears it’s ugly head? Some fires need to be put out. You cannot put a crisis on hold (wish it were so!).

The most important part is that you try and become proactive. Set your own priorities, work on your highest leverage tasks. Get things done. Plan your day ahead and you’ll feel how it is to be in control.


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