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Zen to Done versus Getting Things Done

It’s about the habits and the doing, not the system or the tools. In order to capture the essence of being productive, a new productivity system was created: Zen To Done (ZTD).

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Pomodoro – An effective break

The Pomodoro Technique essentially breaks your tasks into 25 minute increments. This way you can attack your work with intense focus.

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Pareto Principle – The Law of Imbalance

The Pareto Principle is known by many names, like the “Law of Imbalance” or the 80/20 rule. The principle can be used for almost anything in our lives. You must be wondering what this so called Law of Imbalance is all about.

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Time Management Methods – There Is No Time Like Now!

There is no time like the present. So let’s get started! This blog post will give a brief overview of the different time management systems available.

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