Tip of the Day #15: Best Brain Food for Productivity

The things you eat eventually enter your blood stream and flow to your brain. So they effect the way you think, feel and work. With the right ingredients you can significantly boost your productivity. In this blogpost I will show you the best brain foods for boosting your productivity.

Eat these brain foods for more productivity

Excercise, sleep and diet can alter your brain health and mental functions. Changing your diet is a viable strategy for enhancing cognitive abilities. To understand what is affecting your body here follows a list of brain foods that will improve the way you work.

    • Berries: have potent combinations of antioxidant that improve memory and motor coordination. The antioxidant in berries counteract oxidative stress and function as anti-inflammatory agents.
    • Banana: Holds the daily amount of glucose that your brain needs. The brain works best with 25 grams of glucose circulating in the blood stream.
    • Eggs: Containt a fat-like B-vitamin, called choline, that enhances memory and reaction time.
    • Salmon: Has omega-3s, protein, iron and B-vitamins, which support memory, recall, reasoning and focus. Sound good, right?
    • Eggplant: Keeps your brain sharp by enhancing communication betweer your brain cells and messenger molecules.
    • Caffeine: Improves memory, is rich with antioxidants and amino acids.
    • Dark chocolate: Contains antioxidants that increase production of endorphins and enhance focus and concentration.
    • Milk chocolate: Good for quickening reaction time and improving verbal and visual memory.
    • Green tea: Has neuroprotective effects and helps the nervous system.
    • Yogurt: Contains protein, minerals and probiotics which help your digestive system.
    • Carrots: Give a steady level of blood sugar which your brain needs to function optimally.
    • Red wine: Improves short-term memory and motor skills (don’t drink on the job though!)
    • Garlic: Contains strong antibacterial and antiviral compounds, help shake of stress-induced colds.

Don’t eat!

  • Sugary foods, like soda or candy: They leave you feeling weak, confused or nervous once the glucose in your brain drops (also known as sugar crash).
  • Heavy calorie ridden foods, like hamburgers or fries: They will make you feel sleepy and will slow you down at work.

Also, eating too litte can:

  • Make you process information more slowly.
  • Take you longer to react.
  • Make you have trouble remembering sequences.

So  eat enough and eat healthy brain foods to increase productivity.

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