Write Down Your Accomplishments

It’s not that hard to remember what needs to be done. However, once you have completed a task you will probably forget about this achievement. Keeping track of your accomplishments is not a bad idea. Besides, keeping track of your accomplishments helps boost your productivity.

Your Accomplishments

Most people don’t keep track of their accomplishments. However, it’s not a bad idea to do this. Some contributions you make will not be seen or noticed by outsiders. So having a log of what you accomplished can be very handy.

A list of all your accomplishments can help you:

  • Negotiate promotions.
  • Update and expand your resume.
  • Feel good about how productive you’ve been.
This list can help show others what you have accomplished. Also, it can help you discover if you are really contributing as much as you think. Another benefit of keeping track of your accomplishments is that it helps you with your weekly review. You can easily notice what you have done and if those completed tasks are your highest leverage tasks.

What Shouldn’t You Record?

Once you start writing down your accomplishments on a daily or weekly basis it becomes appealing to write way too much down. In this way, you feel productive, as there are a lot of completed to-do’s on your “achievement log”. You should keep track of tasks that are helping you achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t go and write down busy work tasks on your achievements list, as these tasks don’t help you at all.

Schedule a moment, preferably at the end of each week (or monday morning), to conduct a weekly review. It’s good to look back and notice your achievements. Your weekly review will also help you find ways to improve your productivity, leading to even better results.

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