Tip of the Day #11: 4 Tips To Remove Distractions and Increase Focus

Distractions are the bane of productivity. Luckily, there are various ways with which you can eliminate distractions. These 4 tips to remove distractions and help you maintain your focus with prove very valuable.

How To Remove Distractions

There are a variety of ways in which you can remove distractions and maintain your focus.

Find A Quiet Place To Work.

Places like libraries can help you increase your focus. The levels of noise are usually very low there and there is nobody to distract you. Queitness and solitude can help you stay on your to-do. Focus on the to-do at hand and work on it until it is completed.

Another queit place might be your home office. Working from home has several advantages. But this depends on your situation. Are there any chores that need doing? They will distract you from your work and this unfinished task keeps popping up in your head. Do you link home to relaxation and family? If so, you might be to easily distracted.

Pick a place that helps you focus, whether that is a library or your home.

Only Single-Task

We are definately single-task creatures. We are at our best when we focus on a single to-do. Juggling multiple to-do’s and trying to complete them all at once has an inverted effect; we get nothing done. When we multi-task we are just rapidly switching from task to task, which takes up a considerable amount of willpower and energy. There is no such thing as true multi-tasking.

Take Time To Relax

Your brain becomes fatigued over time. Your willpower is depleted at the end of the day. When you have to do a lot of mentally challenging tasks you will soon feel your energy fading. Schedule though-intensive tasks early in the morning, when you still have energy. Labor-intensive tasks are better for in the afternoon.

Make sure you have enough time to relax in the afternoon and evening. You can’t stay focussed a whole day. Take some small breaks from time to time, as suggested in the Pomodoro technique.

Do One Thing At A Time, But Have Enough To Choose From.

Doing the same repetitive tasks day after day is a productivity killer. Pick some tasks that are mentally engaging. If you only do labor-intensive tasks you will soon feel that your energy is spent on irrelevant tasks. This is one of the factors that leads to a burn-out. You need to do tasks that give you new energy. To-do’s that are engaging and fun. Pick tasks that get you into a flow state of mind.

It is beneficial for your brain to do different tasks, as you excercise different parts of the brain. A burned-out and bored brain is easily distracted. It responds to the most easy things, likely resulting in you doing only irrelevant busy work.


A quiet place to work, single tasking and replenishing your energy  are the ingredients for a focussed mind. Creating a balanced workload, increasing creativity and boosting productivity.


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