Tip of the Day #6: Deliver On Prime Time

When are you most productive? Are you more of a morning person, or do you feel more productive in the afternoon or evening? Start by identifying what your “prime time” is.

When Are You At Your Best?

When you identify when you are at your best, try and eliminate all distractions and interruptions during that period.

Personally, I am most productive in the morning, from 09.00 AM to 11.00 AM. I am most productive in the morning. I like to do all my thinking in the morning. After 11.00 AM I need a break. After lunch time I usually have a small productivity decrease, due to a heavy lunch. Then, around 14.00 PM until 16.00 PM I am ready to give it my all. During these two hours I feel creative. Usually I spent this time “building” things. In other words, I use that time to create things (e.g. write content, work on presentations, and so on).

Early Bird Or Night Owl?

When are you at your best? Are you most creative in the afternoon? Or do you like to arrive in the office early and get those thought-intensive tasks done?

It’s important to know your energy levels. It can really help to listen, so to speak, to your body. Are you feeling weary? Don’t start on a large, new project. Do you feel like doing some more simple work? Then do some reading or some other simple task.

Everybody has this sweet spot, this time frame during which they are most effective.

Remove all distractions to use your prime time hours to their fullest. One technique you might want to give a try is the Pomodoro Technique. This simple technique might help you boost your productivity and focus. Block of time in your calendar to show others that you are not available during your prime time hours.

When do you do your strategic thinking? When do you feel most creative?


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