Productivity and Happiness: How Are They Related?

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are probably right”.
Henry Ford

Most time management methods focus on creating to-do lists, prioritizing, keeping track of how you spend your time and so on. But can how you feel help improve productivity?

Happiness: The Ultimate Productivity Booster

One of the most effective ways to boost productivity is being happy. When you really enjoy your work you are more productive, no system or tool can compete with that. If you are not happy with your work you can use all kinds of tools and advice, but that is just scratching the surface and not dealing with the problem.

If you are passionate about your job and you have a trusted productivity system, you are in for a treat. The results you will reap will be enormous.

Why Does Happiness Have That Effect?

There are a couple of reasons why happiness makes you more productive. Here is just a selection of good attributes:

  • Happy people learn faster.
  • Happy people make better decisions.
  • Happy people fix problems, instead of complaining.
  • Happy people work well with others. Which translate into better teamwork, better employee relations and more satisfied customers.
  • Happy people are more creative, resulting in better ideas.
  • Happy people have more energy.
  • Happy people are more optimistic.
  • Happy people are more motivated.
  • Happy people get sick less often.

So happiness at work and productivity are closely related. But then one questions remains: Does being productive make us happy, or does being happy make us productive?

The answer: it works both ways, which results in two outcomes.

  • Become (more) happy in the job you have, by improving your work situation
  • Find a new job where you can be happy. If you can’t fix your current job, move on.

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