How To Boost Your Productivity With Systems

In this day and age we all seek some way to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. As I covered in an earliest post there is a large distinction between the two. However, generally speaking both have to do with improving your productivity. So let’s take a closer look at what systems to use in order to improve productivity.

There’s all kinds of tools you might use in order to boost productivity. Some include:

But, there’s also thing where tools aren’t enough. You will need grit and determination. You will need perseverance and discipline. Even with the best time management tools you won’t success without the inner motivation to succeed.

Tools won’t help you with procrastination, lack of discipline or other types of discomfort. So let’s take a closer look at what you can do to improve your productivity. Below are five tips that you can use in order to increase your output.

How To Improve Your Productivity

  1. Pick your 3 most important tasks

One of the things you could do in order to improve your productivity is picking your 3 most important tasks. Pick just three things to do each day. By prioritizing you can make sure these are your most important tasks. It’s counterproductive to choose some small tasks, as this is just another form of procrastination. Make sure you pick your 3 most important to-do’s. These to-do’s should really drive your business growth, help you achieve your goals or make other to-do’s obsolete. Pick just three to-do’s and be satisfied even if you just can complete these three.

  1. Create momentum, by focusing on the right things

Perhaps you do this to: you pick easy to-do’s and complete them to feel good. I know I did. I used it as a disguise and would call it ‘creating momentum’. The only way to create any real momentum is by sticking to your three most important to-do’s. The best way to get started.. well, it’s to get started, really. You might pick some easy thing to do first, as long as it helps you with your to-do. It might be that you need to implement something, reading about it first might help you later on. Just don’t try and avoid actually doing.

  1. Stop procrastination, set a Pomodoro timer

If you suffer from procrastination you might use the Pomodoro technique. This technique uses a timer to set a specified amount you should be working on your project or to-do. And afterwards follows a short break, this helps regain your focus and recharge a bit. With the Pomodoro technique you might find it easier to get started and work on a project for a set amount of time.

  1. Do it step by step

Procrastination also comes from the fear of failure. If you make it easier for you to get started on a project you might suffer les from procrastination. Large projects can be cut into smaller pieces. In this way you can create small portions of things to do, which are more easily manageable. If you suffer from procrastination, try to cut up your workload into smaller, more manageable pieces.

  • Let go of perfection

Perfection is another obstacle in the way of improving your productivity. Try and realize, nothing is perfect. Perfection is a state that is not within reach. It’s okay to keep working on stuff, as long as it doesn’t hinder you from launching or setting something live. You might want to keep working on a product, but eventually you will have to launch to gain profit from it.

I hope these tips are somewhat useful in your quest to improve your productivity. Also, feel free to download the eBook below. This free resource contains some handy tips that can help you boost your output.

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