Single Tasking VS Multi Tasking: How To Focus On A Single Task?

This is not new for you.. You know this.

Single tasking is better than multitasking. Single tasking is always better.

But how can you single task like a pro?

Single tasking can feel hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Multitasking is easy, everybody can multitask. The only question is: can you multitask and still get good results? For 9 out of 10 people the answer is: No.

Everybody can do multiple things at a time. Everybody can split his or her attention to focus on multiple things at once. The downside is that you can’t do multiple things very well. You need willpower and discipline to get things done. If you multitask you are simply dividing your attention and energy between multiple tasks. Mostly, this leads to bad results.

Multitasking can feel overwhelming and exhausting. You are doing a thousand things all at once. What where you working on 5 minutes ago? When did you put those papers that you were just reviewing?  Multitasking is easy, as you don’t have to focus your energy and attention. But multitasking can be hard, because if you want to do things well, you will need to focus. So as a result you might want to focus, but maintaining focus is really hard when you have hundreds of things that you are working on at the same time.

If you can focus on the few vital tasks that are most important to you, and give 100% of your attention, you will get great results. Single tasking is one of the best productivity habits that you can teach yourself.

How To Single Task?

But single tasking is hard. Even more harder when you are working in an open office environment. If you want to become adept at single tasking, this is what you should do.

  1. Prioritize your most important tasks
  2. Keep a notebook handy
  3. Limit distractions

If you have clear priorities (1) you are well on your way to achieve great results. Next, you should have a notebook (2) at hand. It’s very unlikely that you won’t be interrupted while you work. As such, you should keep a notebook (either on paper or digital) at hand, where you can write down things that you’ll need to do later. These can be errands for other colleagues, demands from your manager, or your own ideas. A notebook will keep you sane, and on track. Be sure to let your colleagues know that you want to work uninterrupted (3) for a set amount of time to finish project X or Y. Close Outlook, Gmail or whatever email tool you are using. Emails deliver a constant flow of distraction. Drastically limit the time you spent in your inbox. If necessary, use headphones to block outside noise. As a bonus, music can help you get into that state of flow.

No More Multitasking. Long Live The Power Of Focus! Long Live Single Tasking!

The days of multitasking are over. It’s time for focus. It’s time for great results and huge achievements. If you are able to single task you can double your productivity instantaneous. It’s insane.

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