Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Are you ready to change the way you work? Are you ready to embrace stress-free-productivity? Let’s get started!

‘Getting Things Done’ embraces stress-free working while maintaining productive. David Allen (writer of the book ‘Getting Things Done’) has over twenty years of experience when it comes to personal productivity. He has bundled his knowledge in his book. This particuliar time management method is really worth a try. Become relaxed while remaining productive and get things done!

The simplicity and power of this effective time management method really come to fruitition when you experience it. You can practive ‘Getting Things Done’ in the office, or at home.

Read his book, try different things en see what works for you. Experience Getting Things Done for yourself and embrace a new form of stress-free-productivity.


Getting Things Done: getting started with feve easy steps

With these five easy steps you will get a brief overview of ‘Getting Things Done’. Within no-time you have experienced the energy that comes forth when you use the ‘GTD’-principle to get things done.

GTD #1: Capture & Collect

Collect al things that get your attention. Things includes hard-copy material you may have laying around, e-mails awaiting your response and personal items that are related to a to-do. In other words collect all things that you need to do, handle or finish.

GTD #2: Clarify

Now that you’ve collected all ‘things to do’  (and hopefully cleared your head while doing this) ask yourself, “are these items actionable?” If no, trash it, file it or incubate it for reference. If yes, define the next step to take. Will the action take less then two minutes? If yes, then do it right away. If not, then delegate (if possible), or put it on a to-do list for further handling.

GTD #3: Organize

The next step is organizing. Use action reminders with your to-do lists to remind you of the next course of action. Different to-do lists could be ‘running errands’,  ‘sending follow-up mails’, ‘calls to make’ .

GTD #4: Reflect

Reflect early and often. Look at your list(s) whenever you are uncertain as to what to do next. Also do a weekly review; update, clean up and empty your head.

GTD #5: Simply Do

Take matters in your own hands. Perform actions when necessary using this system.



Getting Things Done: Quick Reference Card