Time Management And Prioritizing: The Perfect Match

Time management and prioritizing go hand in hand. In order to become a master at time management, you must know how to prioritize. And, in order to prioritize, you must be conscious of your time management.

Since these traits are so symbiotic, it only makes sense that you need to know each in order to succeed in the world of time management. Oftentimes, time management and prioritizing are interchangeable ideals. That is how closely related these two skills have become – many people can’t tell where one starts and the other one ends.

Time management is known as being able to use time effectively. Productivity is defined by the amount of output per input in a given task. It’s easy to see how these two terms can be so closely related. Let’s focus on the relationship between these two skills. In this article, we will focusing on how time management affects prioritizing and vice versa. By exploring this relationship, we can see how important it is to focus on both skills in order to become more productive and time efficient. 

Prioritizing for Time Management…

Prioritizing is so important to be effective at time management. You must know what tasks need to be done first. If you don’t know what needs to get done first, how can you ever figure out how much time any given project will take?

One method of prioritizing would be the ABC Method. It’s a way of taking your to-do list and giving it some priorities. Important tasks would be labeled with an “A.” Tasks that should get done, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they were not completed would be labeled with a “B.” And tasks that do not really need to be done would be labeled with a “C.” It’s a great method because it takes your existing to-do list and gives you a simple formula for figuring out what needs to be done.

Time Management for Prioritizing …

Prioritizing can be difficult on its own. That’s why time management can play a huge role in how you figure out what needs to get done. One method is to get the simple tasks out of the way as soon as possible. Have a quick email that needs to get sent? Do it immediately. That leaves you more time to get onto the important tasks. It can also help you get into the groove of working. When you complete a simple tasks, you can move forward with a sense of accomplishment that you have already crossed off an item from your to-do list.

Another method is to choose the tasks that you don’t want to do and do them first. That way, you are not procrastinating and waiting until the last possible minute to get them done.  You also might be surprised at how quickly you’re able to complete these tasks and that can leave time for the other projects and tasks that you actually enjoy doing.

Time management and prioritizing go hand in hand, and that’s no surprise. Start learning how to set priorities and your time management skills will also sharpen.

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