TIP OF THE DAY – #3: Work in time blocks

You overslept. It’s monday morning. Traffic is horrible. The coffee machine in the office is broken. Your email inbox is cluttered. Sounds familiar? How are you going to get through this day and get your most important things done? Here is how: start working in time blocks.

Working In Time Blocks

Every day a huge wave of information is coming your way. The information comes your way faster than you can consume it. Finding the time to fit all your tasks in a day is a huge challenge. But, if you start working in blocks of time, you might just get your important tasks done.

Working in blocks of time means you need to block time. This means blocking of time in your calendar, not just for appointments, but for everything that needs to be done. Block time to throw yourself at your most important tasks. Block time to finish important reports or phone calls you need to make.

We have 24 hours each day, all of us. How we choose to spend those hours is what separates smart workers, from, well, workers. Start scheduling time blocks in your calendar to work on what needs to be done. Crucial to-do’s need a place in your calendar.


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